The Thunder of Heartbreak


starring Christopher Cramer & James Killough

In an impromptu experiment, Chris and James alternately shred and build up Evan Glodell’s Bellflower in a recorded Skype conversation (change the settings on the bottom bar after it starts playing to 480p so you can see Chris’ hair better):

Other links: Daily Beast Article

Chris rates this:

James rates this:


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9 responses to “The Thunder of Heartbreak

  1. Great job, Chris and Killough! I love the new format and you’re both quite charming and interesting when arguing about films I will most likely never see.
    Top marks on the hair, Chris, but, Killough, what are you wearing in that clip? I don’t care if you have pants on but we have to make sure that your t-shirt is camera ready next time. And let’s choose martinis over cans and water bottles, people! I mean, really.
    Big kiss!

  2. Holy crap. No shirtless hunks!

    I shouldn’t say so without having seen the film, but I’m probaby with Chris.

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