His Brilliant Career


starring Christopher Cramer and James Killough

Chris and James take things a little more seriously for a review of Bennett Miller’s Moneyball, which should win a pair of Golden Raspberries this year for the suckiest title and worst trailer, which lead you to believe  it is Brad Pitt’s answer to Jerry Maguire.  It isn’t.  Indeed, overall it is very different than what they both thought it was going to be.

The duo’s sententiousness is interrupted by Antoine the Cat, who comes in looking for Chris’s fruit, but finds none.

Chris rates Moneyball

James rates it:


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7 responses to “His Brilliant Career

  1. Well done, guys!
    Nice symphony of greens, Killough. I mean, of course, the olive shirt and whatever that guacamole color is on the wall behind you.
    And I like the striped top, Chris. Raf Simons?
    Antoine, you’re flawless. Don’t change a thing.
    So, I might actually see this film because of your review and that’s a big deal because I rarely make it out to see films when they’re still playing on the big screen. I agree with Killough’s assessment of the importance of the director in a project, having worked with directors of both monumental and nonexistent ability and I like that Chris called out Brad Pitt for stinking up Inglourious Basterds a bit. If I hadn’t been so shocked by the level of violence, because I kept forgetting that it was a Tarentino film (because it looked so great!), I might have realized that’s what was bugging me.
    Ciao for now!

    • Thanks for watching, Tuttle. You’re the first with feedback. The color balance if off on my camera. I’m wearing a brown shirt and the walls are white. I’ve tried to fix it, but when I move the camera readjusts. So maybe I should stay completely still and not rock back and forth like a Jew at prayer.

    • Re: Antoine

      Mr. Tuttle, don’t you think he should expand his wardrobe beyond solid black?

  2. Nice work, gents. The title and subject matter (especially the title) of this film turned me off, but it sounds as if I might be missing out of I don’t eventually see it.

    I saw Brad Pitt as the comic relief in Inglourious Basterds. Unfortunately, the film was named after his subplot, not the main story. Would his performance have been as off putting if the film had been called Shoshanna’s War or Girl with the Cinema?

    • I just thought Inglorious Basterds was a bunch of cack, but I got into a lot of trouble one night in a bar for ranting about it, so I’ll stop there. Thanks for the “nice.” We’re working towards a bravo.

      • I disagree it was cack (great word, by the way), but I’d still jump in and throw punches on your behalf if a bar fight broke out about it.

        • It did almost come to a fight. We were all very, very drunk. The guy had to be separated from me by management, which is a pity because I was originally trying to seduce him. I was even called the next day by the owner for a clarification of my stance on Judaism, and came close to being banned from the club. But I didn’t back down, just laid out my position clearly in an email, which I backed up with Talmud, good honorary Jew that I am.

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