The Director with the Golden Career


starring Tyler Kimball and James Killough

Kimball finally gets a word or two in edgewise in this review of David Fincher’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. As usual, Killough knocks around a few movie stars (*cough* Jodie Foster *cough*), and is pleased Daniel Craig seems to be laying off the juice.

Note: There won’t be a roundup this week owing to the holiday season clusterfuck.  We’re back on Monday with Eric Baker.  Happy New Year.

Kimball rates Dragon Tattoo:  

Killough rates it:


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9 responses to “The Director with the Golden Career

  1. Nice job again, guys. Do you think one has to be a fincher-file to properly appreciate this film? I’m not as big on him as some others are.

  2. Conversation (et non critique) intelligente entre deux individus civilisés: Premier Plaisir. Deuxiéme plaisir: l’attente devoir cet opus du maestro Fincher; Pas lu les livres vu la méfiance que j’excerce envers les best-sellers consensuels!

  3. Je ne sais pas si on me dirait civilisé, mais merci quand même. Les bouquins Millenium sont des bonnes histoires addictives écrites en bois. Je suis complètement d’accord que Fincher est à ce point ci un maître.
    Le grand plaisir pour moi c’est les gens qui lisent et qui voient nos pièces ici, et qui les apprécient. Merci beaucoup pour votre commentaire, Gérard.

    — James

  4. Great job, guys! I love the beautiful and sometimes challenging clips from the promo but I probably wouldn’t go based on that. I would go, however, based on your description of that great house with the floor to ceiling windows. How does one do that in Sweden? Triple-paned glass, perhaps?
    Favorite quote: “You really cannot have a serious Swedish film without Stellan Skarsgård.”
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Except I mess up and call him “Skellan Skarsgaard.” Oh, well, as long as he sounds Swedish. What got edited out is the rest of the cast, who are all amazing, even down to the smallest role.

  6. What a truly great review…. Between the stimulating banter and great editing of the trailer clips, I was so pumped-up by the end of this review, I was ready to run out the door and see the film! The passion you both exude for your love of film really shines through here, as well as your understanding of the process. But even with that… your sheer enthusiasm for this film is infectious and that is what closed the deal for me! I give this film review a BRAVO!

    • Very sweet of you Gil. The fact I can hear you playing it in the other room is a nice touch, except now I’ve got that soundtrack music playing in my head while I try to scribble a serious love story.

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