About Us

Pure Film Creative is a content creation company—text, video, design, band development, creative consultancy—based in Los Angeles, but with true global reach.


James Killough is a writer-director-producer based in LA.   This blog was originally intended to promote his web content and design company, Pure Film Creative, but it has sort of wandered off and become its own thingy.  With a tail.  And cloven feet.

His show reel is here.  To unlock individual spots on the channel, please email James at pfc [at] purefilmcreative dot com.

James Tuttle is an actor/writer/fashion consultant in Beverly Hills and Hollywood, California.  His Tuttle Mode column is intended to inform on the topics of fashion and his favorite television shows, though not in that particular order, from the peculiar point of view of an Oxford-educated, polo-playing hedonist with years of experience at the world’s premiere fashion houses. So there.

Eric J Baker is a writer, editor, and musician/songwriter living not far from the groves of academe in Princeton, New Jersey. His column, Baker Street, takes a comedic look at music, art, and film. Eric is also the evil mastermind behind the satirical news blog The Anvil, and his middle initial is present to offset an otherwise abstractly symmetrical name.

Christopher Cramer is a writer, actor, model and Wall Street economist in New York City.  And a cat named Antoine.

He hates snitches.


Tyler Kimball is an actor-model living in Los Angeles.  His Chihuahua, Buster, isn’t at all embarrassed that Tyler is 6’2″, plays flag football and chases storms.

8 responses to “About Us

  1. Seema Kalia

    To Whom it may Concern:

    Please remove this defamatory article about me by COB today:


    The original article was planted in The Daily Beast/Newsweek by the wife of a Wachtell Lipton partner (Lucinda Franks). Wachtell Lipton partners are under IRS investigation (now elevated) for several counts of felony tax fraud. The deliberate smear campaign by Wachtell was used to discredit me as I tried to warn other parents and donors to our school of the IRS findings so that they could protect their own assets.

    No one from your news outlet contacted me or sought verification before republishing the story. We are now suing the Daily Beast/Newsweek among others for this deliberate retaliatory and defamatory smear campaign that has left me unemployable in both the fields of law and journalism.

    We ask that you remove the article as part of my own obligation pre-trial to mitigate my damages before I file the law suit under Sarbanes Oxley for retaliation as well as defamation among other grounds.

    I have a pdf scan of all original tax documents available for review (an overt lie in Mr. Summers’ original article) and it would have been available to you had you made any effort to verify these facts and contacted me (my contact information is readily available on the Internet.)

    If you would like the pdf scan as part of a retraction or follow up, I’m happy to provide it. Please email me at seemakalia@gmail.com

    Seema Kalia, B.A., J.D.

    • No, I won’t remove it. If you’d bothered to read it, which you should, you would see it isn’t about you as much as it is about my experience as teenager at Trinity. I can talk about any experience I have had, free of any threat or hindrance, which includes commenting about having read an article about you.

      • James, please remove all the articles written by me, as they all say “By Eric J Baker” under the title, and I don’t wish to be affiliated with such tripe.

        This what I get for failing to follow Groucho Marx’s advice about not writing for a blog that would have me as a writer.

        Eric J Baker, S.N. (Snarky Bastard)

        • Dear Snarky Bastard:

          Too late: your life, thoughts and speech are forever forfeit to PFC. You have written willingly and at times with some malice and much aforethought; I direct your attention to your admittedly superb piece entitled “The Interior Decorator Who Saved Civilization,” in which you took a gay stereotype and used it for comedic purposes, deliberately distorting art history. It is well known that we did not invent contrapposto, but rather chiaroscuro, which Michelangelo discovered while “sketching” in the dimly lit back room of a gay bar in Florence.

          Sue me, please,

          The Editor

      • I was going to sue, but it turns out that my lawyer is a homeless guy from Jersey City whose law degree is actually a receipt from wal-mart for two boxes of Special K Chocolatey Delight cereal that he found in a dumpster.

        Also, please note, if you are wondering, that I used the ancient Summerian “N” to represent “B” in my title above. S.N. not only stands for “snarky bastard,” it also stands for, “guy who does not proof his comments before posting.”

        Dialects varied from region to region in ancient times.

        Carry on.

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