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Better Sex Through Duran Duran


By Eric J Baker

People say men only think about one thing. Getting laid. This is a common fallacy. Men think about two other things as well:

1. The times we already got laid (go us!).

2. The times we could have gotten laid but blew it.

The second one is the worst. Those are the times Charles Dickens was talking about, opposite the best times (see number 1, above). All men have at least one of those bad times to look back on with regret.

Given recent surges to the PFC blog when shirtless men are the lead picture, we have regrettably had to post one of someone named Eric Dane in place of Simon Le Bon, who went from twig thin to porky in no time flat. We apologize to Baker for gaying him, but he is in a minority.

Like when Deidre, for example, the girl you fancied at the cutlery store across from your accounting office, came to tell you she just broke up with her boyfriend Ted and wanted to do something crazy. That very night. Instead of asking, “What time to you get off work,” you gave her a business card for the suicide prevention hotline. You wondered why she didn’t visit you anymore.

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